Saturday, February 25, 2012

Basic Chair Reupholstering

I recently was able to redo my office / craft room but it was a little uninspired.  I wanted a simple white chair for my craft table but didn't want to invest a lot of money.  I was able to pick up this chair on craigslist for five bucks.
It was in ok shape but I knew that I wanted to reupholster the seat to match my style.  I picked up some fabric at JoAnn's for a few dollars and picked up a can of white spray paint to give the chair a fresh coat and cover up some spots.  All in all I invested less than $15 and have this amazing chair!
The step by step is pretty easy to follow.  Unscrew the cushion from the chair.  Spray paint the chair outside and let it dry.  Meanwhile, arrange the fabric over the cushion so it is straight along the edge and it matches the pattern.  Fold it over the back and staple it on.  When the chair is dry according to the suggested time on the spray paint can, screw the seat cushion back on.
Please bear with me as I start my blog.  I am blogging crafts I have done so far that I do not have step by step pictures, but as I catch up there will be step by step tutorials!

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